Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms

With a title like this just had to cover this book it features a diverse range of contributors including Shetland’s own Roxane Permar, highlights included ( sorry Roxane I really enjoyed your chapter but we don’t want to be accused of local bias, though was fantastic seeing you featured in this).

Curating from a Black Female Perspective by Christine Eyene deals with women’s invisibility in the Art would and with whitewashing and how they intersect with each other and the journey of the artist using art to challenge but rather than say more, Christine can speak for herself “feminist curatorial practice is not aligned with a trend nor is it some sort of detached curatorial exercise.It is deeply inspired by my own experience, It is the prism through which I am touched by the creatives souls I work with and it continues to be ,motivated by the urgency to address all forms of inequalities as I witness them in society and in the arts.”

This is a really worthwhile and enjoyable read showing how art is routed in experience and the different feminisms cerated from experiences yes the plural is important, Katy Deepwell has done a great work as editor bringing this together and could I easily go on a lot longer but why when you could be reading this book.

Shetland Arts please feature more social engaged local artists the personal is political and vice versa and art can be at it’s best when it challenges and creates space for discussion.


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