A message about Loki

Gna brings a message from Frigg who would like us to know that had she been able to find Loki she would have warned them that the consequences of their mischief could be quite severe.

We at Reclaim the Raven are wondering if having their own MCU series has gone to Loki’s head leading to this latest outrage.

Gna also wanted to say that the Gods are equally frustrated at this turn of events but not shocked, it is Loki after all, but she knows her friends at Reclaim the Raven value Frigg’s foresight and wisdom and that they are happy to echo Up Helly Aa for Aa in saying.

“We hope fellow islanders will consider the questions raised by the content of this protest rather than just the act itself and would encourage the affected institutions to reflect on why they were targeted.”

We at Reclaim the Raven are always happy to see Gna’s thoughtful interventions!

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